Blog Update!

So I’ll admit. This previous week, I’ve been behind on with posting the discussions I’ve had with some of Cleveland’s talented people. Last time I shared my experience talking with Dionne Atchinson. A female comedienne and writer. In the week to come, I will be sharing some exciting news about a local collage artist, who has taken his talents to California and even Beijing!

Dakarai is here from the Cleveland area, and also has his own clothing brand: Our Brand USA. From long sleeves and tees, to urban style hoodies. All of Dakarais designs and artwork can be found printed on his clothing line. This week coming up, Dakarai is releasing his first book which debuts 2.22. A project he’s spending 8 months putting together with blood, sweat and tears. We’ll discuss a liitle about his background, what inspired him to become who he is today, and ofcoarse the release of his up and coming project.

Stay Tuned!


“It’s Important to share your story. To write, to be creative.” Dionne Atchinson.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure to have drinks with Akron based commedienne, Dionne Atchinson. Featured on She Blog and interviewed by NPR, her personality can be described as real with no f***s given. Literally. Dionne hosts “No F***s Given” once a month on Saturday at The Tarrymore Inn. Not to mention she works Mental Illness and Friends with Deena Nyer. Another Cleveland based comedienne, and mental health warrior.

We met up together on a Sunday evening at Dionnes favorite Lakewood dive, Tarrymore. Upon walking in, I found her on the second stool of the bar with her notebook and beer ready. Totally unprepared for my first meetup with a local, I began jotting down some of what she initially exchanged with me.

Scribble, scribble youngest of 5 and her pump-ups: Cardi B and Lizzo. Scribble, scribble.

As we went more in depth about her craft, she found no shame in sharing her battle with depression and mental illness with me.

“That’s why I do shows, and do all these things to keep myself out of the house and to keep myself busy. I wasn’t going to let depression get to me. I had to find my joy.”

Dealing with mental illness can be hard some days, to where it sucks our lust for life. Paralyzing us to our bed or sofa, feeling worthless and unmotivated to move. I asked Dionne what her method is for dealing with rough days, when your brain says no but life says yes.

CC: “Where do you find the energy to create when you are at a low point? ”

Dionne: “I get out of the house. I know I need to write and get shit done. I began coming to the Tarrymore, more just to write. I’ll watch comedy to get my mind out of it.”

Getting to know Dionne that night on more of a personal level, she is very strong and doesn’t half ass anything that’s important to her. She made up her mind at one point that she wanted to write from an honest place. That writing what people wanted to hear, becomes more of a homework assignment.

Before drifting into the land of intoxication and discussing ex’s, we finished our discussion remembering her old boss Mike. Quoting something special he said to her when it came to books and intelligence.

“Don’t be embarrassed about the fact that you want to learn. Stop dumbing down the fact that you want to learn…you went to college, you collected these books…this is who you are. Don’t be ashamed. You’re a wanderlust of life.” -Mike

Today those books are in a bigger tote, not stacked on a shelf.

On The Blog This Week!

Im very excited to post my first set of stories about some of the local artists here in the Cleveland area!

On the blog this week, two artists from two very different platforms. The interview I had the pleasure to have with Akron based comedienne, Dionne Atchinson and local now global collage artist Dakarai. Both talented and inspirational from the Cleveland area, we’ll discuss what inspires them as well as a in depth look at who they are behind their work. Dionne is funny, BOLD, and by no means afraid to tell it like it is. Dakarai is a talented collage artist who’s about to launch his first book this month on the twenty second. A projects he’s poured eight months of sweat and tears into and personally I’m quite excited myself to see what’s in store. Look forward to the conversation with Dionne I had this Tuesday @9am, and the story about Dakarai this Friday same time!

A hard head makes a soft…

So it’s late again, and here I am feeling the need to pass along a late night wisdom that I should start sticking to me. Here it goes. As we grow out of the confinement under our parents wings and step into the real world, the first thing we wanna do is celebrate our emancipation into adulthood. However, do anyone of you out there experience moments in life where even as adults today, we wished we could have listened to that thing our parents said on the phone or in person? Yet, chose not to listen because after all. We’re the twenty or thirty something adults now with good judgement and attitude. We should know how to navigate this puzzle called life right?

Personally, if I had a dime for everytime my parents intuition interfered in my adult life, telling me NOT to do something and DOING it anyway my jar would be full. This post is in no way linear to the overall subject of my blog, but something inspired me tonight to post this for those who were meant to see this. So here it is. We alk wanna get away from our parents, and sometimes do the opposite of what they suggest in our lives. In my experience, over 90% of the time, everything my parents have ever told me were accurate and for the better. Whether it was being weary of a co-worker, staying away from that guy who on the outside seemed decent, or not to make a sudden business move. Even as twenty and thirty somethings, our parents were our age too. It pays alot to listen to them becuase I guarantee you, on the subject of life they’re probably right!

Blog Update!

Winter in Cleveland sucks! And like many of you guys out there, I usually wanna burrito myself in a blanket and put the snooze button on my to do list and weekly goals. As wonderful as that may sound, being an adult won’t always allow us to do that. And if you’re trying to make it happen, and set you’re weekly goals for that business you wanna run, or getting your art out there, we’ve gotta get out of bed and do the work!

On the blog this Tuesday, I wanna share with you what seems to help me the most so far when I can’t find the energy to get out of bed. Or when I know theres a list of things that need to get done, but don’t feel like doing them. I’m also gonna share some therapeutic places in Cleveland that are great for destressing and enhancing creative flow to get you inspired!

– Talk. + Action!

On my journey as a writer and achieving my goals, I’ve discovered an effective formula. Talking about it less, and taking action in what you equals real results. By no means, have it made it to where I really wanna be quite yet, but I can say this. The quality of my life has improved with results! I decided to stop moping and feeling sorry for where my life was, and take action in obtaining what I wanted.

It’s easier said than done, to pick yourself up out of a funk or find the energy to stop verbally talking about what you want in life and I get it. However, last summer I found myself crying on my bed. Feeling awful and pathetic about being 25 without a degree, no car, a child I felt I couldn’t care for, and although I love my boss to death, and my occupation felt like a dead end. My pitty list went on. Then I realized, I had to take action and start making changes in my life. I went back to school, then became headstrong and determined on what I wanted for my daughter and I. In the months to come, other aspects in my life improved. I found a cute apartment that I could afford on my own, I began journaling what I wanted in life, and more than ever I realized that if I want the life I want, I have to make little steps each day and simply just do it! Because I’m taking action in my goals and desires, my life is a lot colorful in the present compared to where I was was last summer. I wrote this post, in hope that this sparks inspiration for those of you trying to pursue your own goals. Chasing passions aren’t easy, but I promise you when you take the less talk more action approach towards what you desire it does get a lot easier!